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Train A Blue Heeler To Herd Cattle

You will make a Blue Heeler very happy if you have bought one to herd cattle. Tapa was in my life as a loyal canine companion, not a working dog, thus I do not possess the expertise on how to train these dogs for the purpose of herding cattle. I have attached some information below […]

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Australian Cattle dog sleeping

Is The Australian Cattle Dog Right For You

If you are considering a cattle dog as a pet, here are some characteristics which may help you make an informed decision as to whether the Australian Cattle Dog is right for you. The Australian Cattle Dog, also known as a Blue Heeler or Red Heeler, is both an extremely tough and loyal dog. One […]

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A Canine Family Tree

I recently came across this great chart, a canine family tree, from Daily Mail showing the diversity of 181 dog breeds revealing how all these breeds are so interconnected. You can see the cattle dog towards the middle bottom of the chart. It shows the cattle dog’s connection to Collies, other herding and working dogs. […]

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Blue Heeler

The Sweet Benefits Of Learning To Communicate With Your Dog

I have noticed recently on the web more and more animal stories surfacing which testify to their amazing intelligence and empathy. When a dolphin fearlessly swims up to a diver to seek help untangling a fishing line wrapped around its dorsal fin; when elephants travel for miles to surround the home of their caretaker in […]

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Tapa and the sky

God And Dog

There is a legend which tells the story of God giving names to all his creations while strolling among them. God is said to have been followed all this time by a creature for whom he saved the best name for last, dog, being His own name spelled backwards. I do not think God would […]

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Best Dog Foods On The Market

There are so many dog food brands on the market today, it makes your head spin. There is organic, grain-free, all natural, high protein, low carbohydrate, raw and more. I did a lot of research on dog food when Tapa was sick, and wish I had known this information sooner than later. I have listed […]

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Canine Leptospirosis

It is vital to be aware of this infectious disease called Leptospirosis. It is the dreaded disease that killed my sweet Tapa. I share this information so you will know how to protect your Heeler. Lepto is on the rise, and I suspect in time could easily catch up with Lyme. I hope not for […]

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Preventive Care For Dogs

Preventive medicine for humans is now becoming mainstream in our society. We are learning the steps to take to keep our immune systems strong which helps protect us against disease. These steps include eating a healthy, balanced diet, drinking good water, ingesting specific herbs, foods and supplements , adequate exercise and decreasing stress. I believe […]

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