blue heeler at the beach

This picture was taken on ‘Diamond’s’ first trip to the beach.  In June of 2010 Diamond’s left eye kept going outward.  We rushed her to the emergency vet and they gave her some drops and oral meds to clear up an infection.  She ended up going blind in her left eye, but nothing slowed her down.  We had planned on going to a beach house with the family that week, but could not leave our baby behind (my parents were going to take care of her) so she was along for the ride! She would sit in the front seat and just smile when she realized she was going somewhere. Early one morning my husband was going bay fishing with his dad and Diamond wouldn’t stop whining so I took her for a walk around 7 am and with the beach vacant, she was able to enjoy EVERYTHING the beach has to offer…she was amazed at the seagulls and the vast ocean.

Fast forward 6 months and our worst nightmare would begin.  We were going to dinner one Friday night and Diamond didn’t want to go outside so we left her inside.  We told her we’d be right back and left.  Two hours later we came home and Diamond jumped off our bed, we heard a big thud and then her paws pattering on the hardwood floors down the hallway and when she got to the living room she ran into the wall.  We knew something was wrong.  She tried following our voice, but when she looked up at us, she wasn’t making eye contact.  She had gone blind in both eyes.  We rushed her to the ER and the new Doctor told us we should have taken steps 6 months ago to help her learn how to get around without seeing.  They said she seemed healthy other than her sight.  We went home and started “babyproofing” anything and everything she might hurt herself on.  We got her doggles and a raincoat since she wouldn’t know when to blink for a limb etc.  We took her to the animal optimologist to maximize any opportunity we had, but she was 100% blind…which SHOCKED us after playing frisbee with her! She learned how to catch the frisbee blind which we video’d everything.  Her passion for life was still there and we still had our baby.

That all changed in January.  She stopped eating, our vet told us to just make her happy.  She did have pain meds to help with the migraines but a few weeks later she couldn’t even walk up and down the steps to use the restroom.  We were so heartbroken and talked to the Vet who said it was just a matter of time and her Cancer had spread throughout her body.  We spent time with her and there was a lot of crying,  and I will never forget her licking my face and kissing my tears away.  We had our baby cremated and this picture is next to her urn in a Diamond frame.  It has been just over a year since we lost our baby, and we cannot seem to get past it.  We talk about Diamond all of the time and my husband carries a diamond paw keychain on his truck keys.  Everyone knows how much Diamond means to us.  One day we will get another Blue Heeler, but she was our baby! I hope you enjoy this picture.

Megan and Kevin

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