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Hiking with a blue heeler

Blue Heeler Dog Temperament

I have seen many comments on my Blue Heeler Dog Facebook fan page lately expressing concerns about aggression problems with these dogs. Some of the problems have been so acute that the owners are considering finding their Heeler a new home, especially where children are a consideration. While I so understand these owners concerns, it […]

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blue heelers

Lola And Rascal

Here are my 2 beautiful Blue Heelers, Lola(right) and Rascal (left). We took this picture a few months ago. My sister, my fiancé, and I took all 4 of our dogs down through the national forest to the lake for the day, here Rascal and Lola are trying to herd the fish. Lola is a […]

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Nova and Lexx

Blue Heeler Memorial

This page is dedicated to Nova and Lexx, mother and daughter Blue Heelers, who both died of poisoning in January 2012. Their loving and caring owner, Brenda Hammond, of Alberta, Canada, is heartbroken and needs support for her loss. Any kind words of support I know would be greatly appreciated by her. You can respectfully […]

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cattle dog

Blue Heeler History

Australian cattle dogs, also known as Heelers, are a unique dog breed. Unlike many domesticated dogs, they have not been subjected to an abundance of inbreeding and over breeding. Though some have said they are a most unusual breed mix of Wild Australian Dingos, Blue Dotted Collies, Australian Kelpies, Bull Terriers and Dalmatians, most Blue […]

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