Just love your website and Facebook page! I am a huge fan of Blue Heelers and have been since I was little. Got Tally 2 years ago from a breeder in WV, and from the moment we saw her we knew she was special. When we came to pick her up we were shocked by her awesome coloring, she looked totally different then her parents or siblings. She is so unique with her striped tail and spots all over. We get stopped any time we go out she is just the cutest little dog. She stayed pretty small so people don’t believe she is 2 cause she looks like a puppy! I take her anywhere I can, she sleeps in bed with us. My husband was a lab kind of guy, and having Tally has completely changed his dog preference. She swims, loves to play ball, loves other dogs and we do agility with her, but most of all she is extremely loyal!  We are a Blue Heeler family and could not imagine our life with out her.
I have attached a picture of her as a Puppy and as an adult.

Thanks, Libby

blue heeler puppy

blue heeler dog

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