The Life Of Tapa

On Friday August 9, 2013, I put my sweet Blue Heeler named Tapa down for an eternal sleep. She had just turned eight years old. It was the saddest day of my life.

I have written a book about this long, hard journey of five months with her because I learned so much. I would like to pay it forward with this information and wisdom in the hope it will help other dog owners who not only may be challenged by the perils of canine kidney disease and failure, but who want to provide their dogs with the absolute best care. Though some of my focus will be directed to Blue Heeler dogs in particular, what I share here is by no means limited to just this breed. Every dog owner will be able to extract and gain valuable understanding from within these pages.

The book covers:

  •  The connection between God and dog.
  •  The purpose of your dog’s companionship role in your life.
  •  Adventures from loving and living with a down under dog.
  •  Caring for a sick dog.
  •  Leptospirosis, a deadly, aggressive bacteria that is on the rise from which you must protect your dog.
  •  The good and the bad of traditional veterinary medicine.
  •  Homeopathy as an excellent alternative to vet meds.
  •  Preventive care to keep your dog strong and healthy.
  •  The ideal dog diet.
  •  Homemade recipes you can easily make as an alternative to buying dog food.
  •  Death as being a mysterious transformation which has no end.
  •  The love of a dog
  •  My capacity to love.

I still cry, my heart still hurts. Her ashes are placed in a beautiful, cobalt blue glass and silver urn. I find myself moving the urn into which ever room I am in just so I can be near her. It is my sincere hope by writing and sharing this information, I will be giving you a gift to help you on your journey with whatever breed of wonderful dog you may have in your life. And, to help my own heart heal as I let go of the best friend, companion, teacher, soulmate of a dog I ever had.

For the love and life of Tapa,


blue heeler book

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