The Sweet Benefits Of Learning To Communicate With Your Dog

Blue Heeler

I have noticed recently on the web more and more animal stories surfacing which testify to their amazing intelligence and empathy. When a dolphin fearlessly swims up to a diver to seek help untangling a fishing line wrapped around its dorsal fin; when elephants travel for miles to surround the home of their caretaker in the wild who has just passed; or when a dog travels great distances to lay on its master’s grave, we simply cannot deny the feeling capacity nor the intelligence of animals. Native Americans believe “If you talk to animals, they will talk to you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them, you will not know them, and what you do not know, you will fear. What one fears one destroys.” Thus, we can only open to the wonders and gifts of the animal kingdom if we choose to love animals. Our domesticated dog companions offer us the greatest opportunity to explore animal communication, and can bestow upon you the sweet benefits of learning to communicate with your dog.

Before we can enter into this mysterious communion with our dog, we need to understand that dogs operate on the Alpha brainwave frequency. Humans spend the majority of their waking state in Beta frequency in order to manage all their daily tasks. We only enter the Alpha state when we slow the mind down through meditation, contemplation or stillness. Thus, in order to talk with your dog, you need to rest the mind and operate on the same Alpha frequency to which your dog will both recognize and respond. Our dogs want to feel we know and understand them, and if we want to do the same for them, we need to meet them on their Alpha level since the Beta level is unknown to them.

As we increase our time spent in the calm, centered, Alpha brainwave vibration, a new relationship begins to unfold with our dog. Not only do we become more sensitive to our dog’s expressions and behaviors, but we begin to experience a greater awareness of the unseen realms beyond this material world. This awareness connects us to our dog in the realm of spirit, and together we move between the worlds of matter and spirit with more expansive understanding. It is in this place we perceive both our dog’s sensitivity to who we are and the subtlety of their role and purpose in our lives. Many believe our dogs come to us to help us heal while also providing companionship and protection. When their job is done, they depart. Studies reveal the presence of a dog thwarts loneliness and illness while enabling a faster recovery time from physical and emotional setbacks. Life with a dog brings a higher unconditional love into our lives often beyond what most fellow humans can offer.

Our empathetic communion with our dog opens our hearts to the gift of compassion for all sentient beings and living creatures. Our connection to our dog’s true nature and living spirit helps link us to our own spirit, and to the spirit of life in all things. From here, we can no longer tolerate the inhumane treatment and subsequent suffering imposed upon our animal friends. We are blessed with the humanitarian perspective to rescue dogs, preserve the trees from deforestation, save the bees and birds from pesticides and protect the dolphins, whales and wild horses from greedy slaughter. If we are all one, then whatever indifference and cruelty we force upon other living creatures, we are also forcing upon ourselves. The extinction of animal species and the forests will be our own demise.

Nature and animals are our teachers. The same life force flows through all sentient life gifting us with the capacity for a cosmic, universal non-verbal language with which to communicate. As we enter into this heart communication with our dogs, they teach us about ourselves, one another and the laws of the natural world. This language of the heart requires our ability to listen and trust. In time we will find that most animals, especially dogs, possess extraordinary abilities of which we have been completely unaware. Our dogs can guide us how to access our own innate capabilities to communicate beyond words.

The ongoing inhumane treatment and suffering of animals is but a reflection of man’s unevolved competence to feel empathy for the very creatures who are here to awaken compassion in the human heart. If animals could talk, we would be shocked by their keen intelligence and depth of feelings. Yet, even if they did talk, I doubt it would change our behavior since mankind deliberately inflicts injustice and adversity upon its own kind. It is us humans who must humbly accept our resistance to tenderness for all life, and raise our consciousness to speak the universal language of the heart innate to animals. As we learn to communicate with our canine companion, the sweet benefits will carry us across all time and space to a more sacred way of being in cooperation and communion with all living creatures.

Watch this moving video to see up close and personal a wild animal’s response to heart felt communication without words.

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